Was wondering about something…..

EDIT: Thank you everyone for responding so quickly on this and for letting me know your thoughts and for your support towards my decisions. I shouldn’t let my fears and worried hold me back from doing the kind of story that I like so I’ll keep pressing forward doing what I do and I hope you all will continue to enjoy the wild and zany ride that will soon be Love! Love! Fighting! Also if I get my work for Bottled Prince done today then I’ll go ahead and post up a page either today or tomorrow as a thank you for giving me a bit of your time to tell me your thoughts and opinion^^ I really appreciate it and I don’t think I’ll be able to say that enough because it’s true.

Hello everyone! I try not to do too many post during the week since I keep my weekly updates…..on the weekend….but somethings been on my mind since I revised the story of Love! Love! Fighitng! and started it back up on my site, would it be uncreative of me to reuse some of the old dialog in the old chapter or was everyone expecting to see something different since it is the revised version?

For me when I was making these pages I was going off of what I expected a revised version to be and that was to add new things while keeping a small hint of the old. So for instance some of the scenes will still look familiar but it will be changed just a little because I was afraid to come off unoriginal b reusing what I used before and the last thing I want is to unoriginal and overly predictable……which I’ve kind of been accused of before ^^;

So with that said I still plan on having the little confession scene that a lot of you are looking forward too but I was planning on changing the conversation a little but seeing how some of you might want me to keep some of the old things I can always keep the old dialogue and use my new dialogue for a different scene in the story. Also for those who were waiting to see the smack talk between Oriana and Tail-jun don’t worry I plan on having that in future chapters, plus many more weight centered hijinks, I wanted to make an established foundation on why those two don’t get along to well. I didn’t want Tail-jun to be just one of those mean girls who are mean for no reason. Even if the reason might be small I want my amazing readers to know what the reason is and which is Oriana dumped a container of noddles on her head ruining the sponsored clothes that she was supposed to wear on the show which get’s Tail-Jun in trouble later with her manager and sponsors.


Let me know some of your thoughts on this. I remember I did a poll about this some time ago but I lost the results so I really need your input and opinion on this. Should I keep the old and use the new for later chapters or do a blend of both or just keep the new for everything? Even if you’ve never commented on my site before still feel free to let me know you’re thoughts because if you’ve read both versions and have an opinion then it matters and don’t be nervous to speak up. =D





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September 18, 2012

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September 18, 2012

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  1. i agree too. I loved the old chapter. i loved the funny part about chairs and i find the words what jae-hwa said about fruits and beauty…it was such an important words…really…those words are just one sentence and a sentence gives so many meanings…sharean…i must say, it was the most inspiring sentence i have ever heard…it s true..there is no favourite taste in fruits.

    • Thank you for letting me know that Sara ^^ I wasn’t sure if it would really effect people much when I was thinking up the lines or if I would confuse people with the way that I worded it but I’m relieved and so happy to know that it’s had such a positive effect and that it wasn’t long winded or confusing.Seeing all of this really makes me get all emotional. Q^Q Hopefully I can continue to be inspiring because that’s really what my true opinion on beauty. It also took me a while to get all my words right when I did it for the contest, if I remember correctly I think someone had to help me with some of the misspelling or grammar correction.

      • seriously, when i read the sentence, “both are still food. neither is better than the other”…i was like “hell yes, you’re damn RIGHT”…hahaha…seriously…i was upset at that time too…cuz i was like “god, i wish there is a man like this…why there arent men like this….damn”…!P

  2. I think you should put some old dialog in if you like. Personally I loved a lot of the old stuff especially the chair part. xD And its not unoriginal just because you reuse your own material. I mean its still the same theme and plot so in a way its still has its own original charm to it. And in the end you don’t have to think of completely new material. But I need to know what happens after Jae-Hwa confesses to Oriana I’m so excited. EEEEE <3

    • That makes sense, I guess I was kind of feeling that feeling you get when you copy over some of your own old art work because you’re struggling with a design or pose and can’t get it to look the same like before. It’s your work but you still feel a pin of guilt for copying it or reusing it but I understand what you mean. I really liked a lot of the stuff from the old chapter so now I won’t have to feel bad about bringing that back in the newer and recent chapters. I had such a hard time coming up with the last few lines that Jae-hwa said and I get so embarrassed thinking up mushy lines >< I'll definitely be recycling some of the old lines and adding a dash of some new lines that I think might fit well too. I'm really excited to see everyone's reaction when that page finally goes up. I'm probably going to be a nervous wreck on the day I post it up because I have know clue how everyone will respond to that page O.o wahhhh the anticipation is crazy~

  3. Mix old and new stuff ! That way , your old readers will be happy and so will your new ones ! I personally think you should do what you yourself feel is right . We , as readers , have to understand it’s YOUR story and not ours . Please yourself first and make yourself happy ! Then , when you are satisfied with your work , feel free to ask our opinions . Um , am I making sense ? I feel like I just went off track . . . oh well ! XD Anywho , I love your story and what you have done ! I’ll like it no matter what you choose to do because I , your loyal reader , will always support you ! FIGHTING ! ! !

    • I guess I was getting overly worried about everything ^^; I don’t want to disappoint you all but you’re right. I should focus on making a story that I’m happy with. I did that from the start and it drew all of you here who have a similar interest so I should definitely keep doing what I’ve been doing =D Thank you for telling me this and don’t worry I don’t think you got off track and I’m really thankful to have such wonderful readers like you and everyone else <3 Woooo~ Love! Love! FIGHTING!!~

  4. I don’t think it would be unoriginal at all to reuse some parts of the old chapter! Personally, I thought it was really good. Maybe blending a bit of new into the old would make it more unpredictable, but I’d keep reading this no matter what. This has to be the best comic I’ve ever read, it’s just so awesome!!! ^_^

    • Thank you Juniper! That’s very kind of you to say. I’m really happy to see that you like my comic so much, that’s also a good idea that I was thinking about doing, like a nice blend of the two ^^ Thank you for giving me your opinion =D

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