Webtoon Artist Rambles: Let’s talk about what’s DPI

Let’s have a chit-chat about DPI because I’ve wondered what exactly that means (I learned it meant Dots per Inch but then I saw the word PPI and I almost feel down another rabbit hole of what that is)

DPI isn’t that important to me when it comes to publishing my webtoon online but I have noticed the difference in image quality and file size depending on the DPI.

So if you’re looking to publish a webtoon either on LINE webtoon or on Tapas a few important things to keep in mind is the DPI and the page resoultion/file size.

Typically other webtoon Artist will use a DPI of 72 or no higher than 350 and I’d recommend others to use this as well. 

Since I’m planning on printing mine out into a book I want my working file sizes to have a high resolution and DPI of 600 so that the images will be able to be printed in high quality without any blurriness or pixelation.

What is DPI used for?

DPI is something that is more so used for physically publishing and printing a book. This doesn’t mean that the DPI doesn’t play some role for publishing your webtoon online.

The higher the DPI the larger the file size will be but that also means that you’re webtoon file or comic page will be less pixilated.

So what DPI should you use for your webtoon comic? For publishing most printers recommend your files be 350 DPI or higher because you want that will help ensure that your comic pages are able to be printed out in high quality.

Now for publishing your webtoon online I’ve learned through some research and my own personal experience as a webtoon artist that you don’t want to have your DPI any lower than 300 at least for your working canva file. 

When you export and resize your image then 72 dpi is still manageable because it’s small enough to upload on most webtoon platforms without putting much strain on your internet connection or computer.

The higher the resolution and the DPI then the higher the file size will be but the it will have less pixelation for your webtoon comic pages. 

The lower the resolution and DPI then the lower the file size but then your webtoon page will appear a little more blurry and pixelated.

What should you do next?

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As always don’t forget make sure above all else you’re prioritizing your happiness and enjoying your comic journey! 

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