Webtoon Panel Size Guide for Beginners

Webtoon Panel Size Guide for Beginners

My process of making my webtoons is that instead of drawing it in one long vertical strip that has 60 panels on it I personally like to draw them in shorter multiple page files that have 2-3 panels per file/page.

Of course there is more than one way to make a webtoon but that how I make my webtoon. Now there are webtoon comic publishing platforms that have file size requirements of 800 pixels wide and 1280 pixels long but that doesn’t mean that you have to draw in that file size.

The webtoon canva size that I like to draw in when I’m making my webtoon in ibis paint on my iPad is typically around 1600 pixels wide and about 3000 pixels long.

When I’m drawing my webtoon in clip studio paint on my desktop computer I like to have my webtoon canvas size 1600 x 2400 or sometimes 4600 pixels long, it all depends on how I’m feeling and if I’m feeling over-whelmed by the size of the canvas.

The reason why I’m not such a stickler on size is because I found that 1600 pixels wide helps me avoid the blurry line effect that I personally don’t prefer when I’m drawing my webtoon.

Also another reason why I’m not a stickler on sizes is because platforms like WEBTOON CANVAS now has built in file formatters that help slice and resize your webtoon image files when you upload on their platform which takes a lot of the guess work out of “Will my webtoon get published on their site or will the uploader reject it cause the canvas size is wrong?”

When you upload each individual webtoon image file on mobile responsive webtoon comic sites like Tapas or Webtoon it is stacked vertically instead of horizontally for easier mobile reading. 

Here are all the sizing guides beginner webtoon artist will need to easily upload their webtoons onto LINE Webtoon:

  • Main Thumbnail size : W436 X H436 pxl (This is the thumbnail at the top of the page and what’s usually seen in the canva section like your series avatar)
  • Episode Thumbnail size : W160 X H151 pxl (This is the image that’s shown beside each episode)
  • Webtoon Upload Panel size : W800 X H1280 pxl (This is the actual size your webtoon files needs to be in order to upload onto their platform but like I mentioned above they now reformat the files for you so you don’t have to worry about drawing or resizing your files on your own anymore~.)

Webtoon panels are actually made of lots of individual images uploaded separately.

Then LINE or Tapas platform then stacks them on top of each other so it looks like one seamless vertical strip.

Now if you’re trying to draw a traditional comic or manga and then I recommend the A4 paper to be the closets fit.

So just to repeat one more time the size that I draw my webtoons in when I’m making my webtoon with Clip Studio Paint is usually 1600 x 4600 (sometimes 2400) which is around double the size of LINE Webtoon upload size and I’ve noticed that my lines still look crisp and sharp.

A4 is 2480 pixels wide and 1748 pixels long so you can easily fit 2 webtoon panels per A4 page.

Now if for whatever reason the auto formatter on WEBTOON CANVA isn’t working for you or you’re unable to use it or maybe your not publishing on their platform but still need your images sliced and resized then that’s were this online webtoon image cropper called croppy can come into play!

After you either scan or take a photo of your comic page you can then use croppy website to easily resize and crop and upload it to Webtoon or Tapas.

Croppy webtoon formatting site

Clip Studio Paint as well as Krita has webtoon slicing features that you can use to easily format your webtoon if you like to draw your webtoon in one long vertical strip instead of in individual page format.

The beautiful thing that I’m loving right now is that more and more Webcomic publishing platforms like Tapas and WEBTOON CANVA are starting to roll out auto-formatting features to help make it easier for webtoon artist to publish their work on their platform~ We love accessibility~

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