Weekly Page Update! Ch1-13 is up~

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How’s everyone’s week been? *Politely waits for response* Well mine has been pretty exciting! I was able to see my mother again face to face after a little over a year and me and it’s been wonderful! That’s the main reason why the update wasn’t up until 7:50pm my time. I usually have it uploaded in the morning/afternoon but I decided to hold of so that I could see my mother before she had to go back home and I wouldn’t be able to see her again until another year TT.TT but I can’t complain because at least I can still see her through ichat or something if worse comes to worse.

So while I was with my mom she brought me and my husband my old art portfolio back from 2005 and it was like a trip down memory lane! I remembered all the heart ache and fun times that I went through when I drew almost every last one of the images in my portfolio. I even found a stack of A4 or B4 manga paper inside and I packed it away so that I can try doing a one-shot traditional comic but don’t hold your breath on that one cause it’s just a little idea ^^.

Also this month we are moving into a different home but that shouldn’t effect my work to badly *I hope* but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so that no one is shocked when something comes up with my work but after that things should settle back down. I’m just super busy with a lot of things so I can’t think of a lot of creative things to talk about in my blog post so for now I’ll just focus on keeping the interesting info for the comic. I hope you all are still enjoying the story so far and I just wanted to thank you all for all the kind and encouraging comments! It really brings a smile to my day and a spring in my step! If I have anything else important to say then I’ll go ahead and make another blog post but for now happy reading!

Page Update!

June 2, 2012

Kickstarter Prize questions

June 2, 2012

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  1. My week has been fine. 😀 Now it’s the last week before my vacation! I haven’t had a vacation in a long time! I can’t wait! So I can sort of understand how Oriana feels but I’m not going out of the country. lol How has your week/weekend been? I’m interested in the kickstarter but it depends on how much prizes you’ll get at what price….Anyways, can’t wait for more! Good luck! 😀

    • A vacation really does sound nice but with kids and bills and work I would feel too pressured to take off to relax because when I get back all of that is still waiting for me TT.TT but I guess worrying about that really defeats the purpose of a vacation ^^; I did have a few idea’s for the prizes but since this is my first kickstarter I wasn’t to sure what else I should have as a prize. I wanted to have the digital pdf form of all three chapters available for the first prize then the actual book for the second prize then for the third I wanted to offer an illustration/desktop wallpaper plus all the others as the third prize. After that I’ve been trying to think up of a really exciting and mega ultra prize for the last prize. If you have any idea’s or suggestions I would definitely love to read it! Any feedback for this is more than welcome so that I can make sure to give my readers what they want for a prize and not what I think they might want ^^;
      P.S. Also Thank you for commenting and asking about my week! With the moving and comic work things have been a little hectic but still thank you for checking in on me :D!

      • Aww no problem. X3 Aww yeah having a family would do that to ya. I’m still a single lady living at home so I don’t have as many worries for now. Yesh, on a vacation it’s pretty much a rule that you have to relax! XD So take it easy! Okie, I’ll reply in your other post what I think. 😀 *hugs* No problem, I’m sure you’re busy. Just don’t forget to take it easy too don’t stress out too much or overwork yourself! 😀 Geh wish this thing would email you if someone replied. I wouldn’t have gone back if I didn’t see you mention me in your other post. ^^;;

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