Weekly Update page #5 is up~

Page 5 is up and ready for everyone to read. I will also be updating two pages of Bottled Prince over at Mangamagazine.net later on in the day. Also I added Love!Love!Fighting! to TopWebcomic’s so for those who want to help spread the word about my comic or would like to see a sneak peak of the rough draft of next week’s page *voting incentive^^* then feel free to click the link above this post and vote! If you have any request for a certain incintive let me know but for now I will just have the incitive be the rough draft sneak peeks of the next page.

Visual Novel Update:

Right now me and Cara *my new proofreader/editor* are steadily making our way through re-proofreading Curse of the Caribbean. I want to release a more polished version of the demo and then after that I want to start making way for the full version. There really isn’t much to talk about with the visual novel for now but I just wanted to give everyone who wanted to know a head’s up about how things are going. I have decide to change a few things in the game but for now I’ll keep that a secret either until the game is released or if I feel like it isn’t to much of a spoiler. Also Thank you too all of you who have been linking to my site and playing my game, even with all of it’s grammar issues, I really do appreciate it! Feel free to let me know your thoughts or concerns with the game so I can make sure to address anything that might be a little confusing or odd. I was thinking about changing the character design a little for the guys but I decided against it since they grew on me so oh well ~^^~

Weekly Update Page#4 is up

April 20, 2012

School Memories *Visual Novel*

April 20, 2012

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  1. TT,TT I fail so much at spelling. Lol! Thank you for letting me know ^^ it’s nice to know their is someone who has your back when you make silly mistakes ^^;

  2. I think you mean incentive ;D But I’ll definitely vote for you! 🙂

    And I totally forgot about the visual novel haha. I have to go find it again x)

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