Are Wacom Tablets worth the Price?

Are Wacom Tablets worth the Price?

I’ve had and used my Wacom Tablet for over a decade creating comic and that’s why I believe wacom tablets are definitely worth the price and the investment!

The reason why is because of how long they last and the versatility of the art programs and computer or operational systems they are compatible with.

Even on top of that there are other brand of pen stylus products that can be used as compatible replacements with them.

So you’re not stuck just using their pens or their art program and it’s that ease of versatility that is such a big plus for me.

I personally don’t like having to buy a specific item and it can only be used with the other specific item that the company provides.

I’m not married to you, let me have some other options~ (Imagine me saying this in Tom’s voice from Parks and Rec)

The Wacom graphic tablet that I’ve have and still use since 2008 is their wacom intuous tablet~

Just as a side note you will need a computer or laptop in order to use graphic or display tablets.

I go into more detail about graphic tablets and display tablets in this post if you’d like to check that out!

Is there a less expensive but worthy competition to Wacom tablets?

ABSOLUTELY!  When it comes to finding graphic tablets that have great pen to paper calibration and program versatilities you don’t have to go hard or go home!

Here is a short list of some great budget friendly wacom tablet alternatives:

Now I also have to mention the iPad to be in your list of tablet considerations. 

Not only can it be used as a drawing tablet but you don’t need a computer for it to be used and it is compatible with other pen stylus so you’re not stuck with just using the apple pen either!

The pen to paper feel is near seamless when using the apple pen with the iPad so I would like you to keep that in mind.

I’d have to say that the iPad is a great all in one drawing tablet and great competitor for wacom’s graphic and display tablets combined!

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

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