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Hi everyone!! April 1st marked the second year anniversary of the website and with everything that’s been going on lately I haven’t really had the time to plan something special but let’s hope that I can have something special to do with our 3 year anniversary because that’s sort of a milestone marker for me because it usually gets a lot better after the 3rd year when it comes to comic creating, at least that’s what I noticed so let’s hope for the best >3>

Now, for pre-orders, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at doing it through kickstarter again while trying to raise funds to make a large print order so that I can sell the book at Anime Expo. So if any of you are going to be in LA for Anime Expo feel free to stop by my table and have a chat and if you ordered the book then you can avoid the shipping cost and I can give it to you directly that way too <3 I’m still working out a few kinks before the kickstarter can go live but when it does I’ll post up another update like I did today. I’ve been so busy behind the scene trying to make sure everything is going smoothly, I finally have our plane tickets booked for Anime Expo, I have the printer that I’m going to use for the comic, bookmarks, keychains, postcards and art prints, I’m waiting to hear back from Anime Iowa to see if I’ll be accepted in their artist alley again and if I’m able to save up enough money then I plan on booking a table for Anime-Zing again since it’s only a few hours away so why now =D

I really appreciate you guys being so patience with me, I know that a lot of you have been asking about when the pre-orders will be opening up and I’m almost ready to get everything launched and Thank you so much to all of those who have signed up as my parton. For those of you that might not know this but they are already started reading volume 2 so for those of you who would like to see faster updates then feel free to stop by over there ;p I’ll be back within the week to let you all know if the kickstarter page has been approved and is up and running and ready for the pre-orders. Again thank you so much for being so kind and for waiting through this all! You guys are just such awesome people!! -Virtual hugs- <3

Chapter 5 Updated

April 6, 2014

Comic updated and updates on behind the scene work Q^Q

April 6, 2014

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  1. I’m really looking forward to your kickstarter project! ♥ *_* Since I missed last time, this time I’ll be prepared! 😉

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