Ch 4 07

Ch 4 07

Drawing this scene really reminded me of the time when I was little and use to go down to the candy corner store with my cousins. I loved looking at all of the bag’s of candies that I could buy with the handful of money that I had. At that time candy was really cheap and there was a large variety of penny candies ^^ I love that old candy store~


Also I read some place that when one sense is lacking the other are enhanced, I wonder if that applies with people that have a language barrier between them? Since they can’t use their ears to communicate with each other are they able to use their eyes to pick up on each others mood and body language a little better then those who are able to understand each others spoken language? It’s just a thought that I have and something that I kind of want to test out with Jae-hwa and Oriana.

Almost forgot to mention this but just encase some of you might not have know but I’ll address this in the comic a little later but Jae-hwa doesn’t get paid like normal on the clock workers. The company pays for his housing *which is a dorm right now* and his food and the promotion of his music so until his music is able to break even from all the expense that the company has put in for him he won’t make much income. Of course if he does need extra cash he is able to go on variety shows and get the payments from that or participate on radios shows/ mini concert at local diners or small concert halls or when all else fails he can borrow some from his manager ^^;  The way his company handles his income and expenses isn’t the best way and this is all apart of the story so I just wanted to give you all a heads up <3


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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