Ch 4 08 ~ S-Morishitas Studio
Ch 4 08

Ch 4 08

Luckily Jae-hwa was at least able to get his intentions of feeding her across clear enough but the reason why he’s going out of his way to help her is still a mystery to Oriana.

Also just as a small reminder, words inside the double brackets are spoken in Korean, outside the brackets are English ^^

For me I get really suspicious of overly friendly people so I don’t do very well when a stranger just comes up to me and tries to have a conversation with me or even if I might have seen that person around multiple times and each time they are always smiling and wanting to strike up a conversation or so willing to help me, I get really cautious and think they might be up to something. I think that might just be because of my background and some of the things I went through growing up. I know other people who are more inclined to just write others off as being friendly but I’m more like one of those paranoid cats that you might see walking around minding their own business and you call to them with a piece of food and they look at you and pause then run off =-= I kind of imagine Oriana like one of those grumpy cat’s as well but she’s not that difficult to deal with. Since she has a major sweet tooth then all you really have to do is offer her treats and she’s a lot more willing to listen ^^; *I think that’s something she needs to work on but seeing how she has a mean right hook I would really worry to much about anyone trying to take advantage of her because she’d probably beat them to a pulp in a minute….then take the candy after that O_O*


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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