Ch 5 04 ~ S-Morishitas Studio
Ch 5 04

Ch 5 04

I’m starting to realize that my little Oriana is sort of the quiet stewing type. She’ll act like she’s brushed things off but deep down she’s more sensitive then other people realize -_-


On more of a comic related note:

I feel so upset with myself. I’ve gone back through the outline and script of VOl2 chapter 6 and I’ve re-typed the whole thing out numerous times. The first few scripts that I had written out just didn’t sit well with me and I couldn’t figure out why. I wanted to cover a certain point in the story but I just couldn’t seem to get the story to lay out that way. It was like I had all of these events happening but nothing really covered the point that I wanted to talk about. Now I finally have Chapter’s 6 script the way I like, of course I still have a few tweaks to do to the dialogue because right now it’s a little too redundant ^^; so now the plan is to go back into my outline and make sure the story that I have set out for chapters 7-9 lines up with chapter 6. I want each volume to cover a certain subject matter while slowly showing you Oriana’s and Jae-hwa’s story. I was luck enough to be able to work on chapter 6 at all since my freelance work has been picking up (On top of the background commissions, I also have some website design creations that I need to do for some people and I have a speech that I need to make sure that I’m prepared for next week, mind you I’m super nervous about this and I’m a little curious if I should wear my hair in my curly blond afro or if I should play it a little neutral and go with my princess style wavy/curly wig…Hmmmm decisions, decisions.)


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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