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September 27, 2013

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September 27, 2013

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  1. I think weight doesn’t matter as long as a person is healthy. I’ve heard multiple times that a person can be skinny and be unhealthy, while a person who is bigger may be healthy. I think it all boils down to what a person eats,their physical fitness, etc.

    I’m not skinny (I think I’m average) and it was a pain when I was a kid and I just wanted to play outside or something and wasn’t even thinking about food, to hear my mom say “She’s just trying to watch her figure” like wtf lol I wasn’t even worried about my weight as a kid.

    So, if I had to answer her question, I would definitely go with the fact that a person should find this answer on their own. After all, no one is living their lives for them.

  2. I use to want to lose weight. I use to be at my “peak” when I was around 120-130 when i was a bit younger but I gained up to 145-146 LBs(i had broken up with my ex-boyfriend and I was having drama with him and his new girlfriend then my friends had drama so I started eating more and more. I weighed up to about 150-155? Around that? Of course, I dropped about ten pounds when I cut back when the drama lessened but still).

    I have a bit of a belly so i wanted to lose weight cause of it and I felt ashamed because I always saw on the tv and magazines: flat-tummied women who wore tight shirts and belly shirts.

    As I got older, I said “Screw it! I’m happy the way I am! Tummy and all!”

    If you have to change yourself for losing weight; Don’t let it be because of models or what you see on tv. Do it because either you want to, not cause you feel like you have to. And be happy with who you are no matter what :3

  3. I just started reading then the page wouldn’t turn, T.T I really want the next update Ms. Sharean. And it was so great to have you at our library!

    -Hope 😉

    • Hi Hope! I had so much fun talking with you. You and you’re sister are so funny <3 Thank you so much for talking with me for so long, you really helped made my day. You all were so sweet and so kind! It was so great to meet all of you too


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