Ch2 10

Ch2 10

I’ve had situations where people would flat out stare at me and I really didn’t understand why, though there where times when some creepy times where I had a stranger sit like a chair away from me and start talking on there cellphone and I could have sworn I felt there eyes on me while I was typing on my computer.

…..Turns out I was right. The reason how I know is because I decided to move my laptop screen a little and that’s when this stranger said on the phone to whoever they were talking to “This girl thinks I’m looking at her screen.” Well I sure had proof now cause if they weren’t then they wouldn’t have noticed that and then on top of that the stranger danger tried to start up a conversation with me. You know those certain comments that people give to try to get a conversation going or to make you laugh so they can hit on you. Of course this was many years ago when I was still in college and working in the hospital. I think I was also in a pretty nasty mood too because I was working two jobs one 2nd shift and the other 3rd shift but on different days…..

What about you guys? Anything like this ever happened? Of course I have a tone of other weird stories but I’d rather just put Oriana through them in the comic then me talk about them in the post~

Not much else to say today. It’s just one of those blugified day’s~ I should go watch a korean variety show to help cheer myself up…..ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ….


I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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