Ch2 17

Ch2 17

I’ve been doing some studying and such and I found a few articles talking about how certain artist or actors appear on variety shows because it’s during a promotional time for there single or for their movie/show premier or they come on to help bring more viewers to watch the show they’re casted in. I thought it was so interesting how that from some of the stories I read the singers don’t see any financial profit from all of the years of singing and dancing until they pay off or pay back all of the expenses that the company had to use to get them debuted and out there.

With that in mind I went ahead and had that be the issue with Jae-hwa, since he’s starting out his manager has him showing up in a lot of variety shows and talk shows trying to get more publicity for his new single and album, *Just as a side note Jae-Hwa is a christian singer, I don’t see a lot of comics do this and since I listen to christian and gospel music and have family members that are in this field with making cd’s and there own songs I thought that this would be the perfect fit for Jae-hwa =D* so Jae-hwa ends up really tired and not getting profit from it until he can bring in enough money to cover everything then what’s left over he’s able to have for himself.

This is why it’s so important for him to stick to the script and not take the risk of botching the show because it will effect the promotion, his image and his chance to actually make a living off of what he does and this also cause the company to lose money if he doesn’t take his situation and career serious enough. The music industry can be a very scary thing. I’m not sure how the companies handle rising singers in the USA because I didn’t really research that. I’ll still have to do more research but I’d though that I would just let you guys know a little bit about Jae-hwa’s situation. I also don’t mean to say that this is how it is everywhere this is just something that I found for certain individuals and person.

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