Ch2 18

Ch2 18

EDIT: I just checked top webcomics and I saw that I was all the way up in the 282 page!! Thank you sooooo much everyone!!! I’ll have to think up of something special if I’m actually able to get place in the 100th’s page =D If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know! I’ve never had my comic up on the 100th’s page and this might be my chance to actually be on there so if I make it on there for at least a few days then I really should celebrate ^^


Over the years I have definitely learned that people are mean for a reason, whether that reason is big or small and even with that the reason doesn’t justify there mean acts all the time.

For Tail-jun I hope that I did a better job then last time to show why she is so mean, even though this issue isn’t big to Oriana it’s big to Tail-jun and since Oriana already messed up her sponsored outfit that she was wearing earlier she a little more agitated with Oriana. Also if some of you might have remember with the old pages but Tail-jun is fluent in English and Korean so that’s why you don’t see the brackets around her dialogue. Also I hope I was able to illustrate the micro translator enough, one of the things that I’m really working towards is to better illustrate my point using pictures instead of using words, of course that’s not saying that words aren’t important at all and using words in the comic to make the read like natural dialogue is something that I’m still working at ^^;

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