Ch2 21

Ch2 21

4 more weeks till the rest of chapter 2 is fully online!~

Though how many of you would be interested in reading the rest of chapter 2 now and even owning your own copy print of chapters 1 and 2? Well if you haven’t seen from the blog post on the front page I will be attending my first comic convention next Saturday. I will also have the printed version of chapters 1 and 2 available and hopefully I’ll be able to bring in enough revenue to cover the printing and supplies cost of everything Q^Q I’m extremely nervous because this is my first time going to one of these and since it’s a small convention I’m not sure what to really expect or if I sell anything at all =.=

Of course if I don’t manage to sell all the printed books I can definitely post them up on my ebay account and sell the rest that way to any of you who might be interested in reading the rest of the comic now and to help further entice *ahem* I mean persuade some of you to possibly buying a printed version I’ll even send you the PDF files of Chapter’s one and two so you can read it right then and there and then later you will also have your own printed *and signed if you’d like ^^;* book of chapters 1 and 2.

This is of course if I don’t sell them all during the convention but I’ll post up a blog post about the conventions results with some pictures on Nov 10 or 11th. Hopefully my books get printed and shipped to be fast enough. Q^Q

Here’s a little screenshot to show you a preview of all of chapter one and two. Oooooo~ I bet you really want to see what’s going on in those last four pages  o(≧∇≦o)*teasing*


Now with this page I originally had it in a different design *see image below* but I really didn’t like how that looked and it wasn’t giving off the kind of feeling I was looking for so I decided to go to old faithful for this shot. I went and showed the hands instead of her face to help show a stronger effect of her emotions right now. Everyone around Oriana has only treated her as either an atm *ahem her dad does this* or a one way ticket to show biz *ahem that’s her cousin krisa* so with Jae-hwa saying such sincere things this is really hitting her hard, in a good way of course ^^;

Me being me I can’t go very long into a mushy scene without adding some humor to help relieve my embarrassment so that’s why Oriana is trying to cover up her extremely blushing by killing the moment but of course Jae-hwa is a romantic so he does the finishing strike with that last line. Though Oriana doesn’t want to admit it but I think she likes being told nice things ^^;

I’m mean look at me, I’m married with three kids and I still fish for compliments…of course sometimes my fishing comes with ulterior motives *

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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