Ch2 20

Ch2 20

We’re getting closer! How many of you are excited to know what finally happens after all this time? *Well it hasn’t been that long…maybe about a…..year =.=* Then again I might be the only one that’s really excited so no worries *Throws confetti and cuts a step by herself* I’m really aging myself with my jokes…..

Any whoo this page took me a lot longer and not because of the art for the page but more so the dialogue. After repeating it out loud so much I tend to go deaf on how weird something might sound so I have to ask my sisters or husband if something sounds off when I read it. I also try my best to make sure to use as little words as possible so that the dialogue will sound natural.

My sisters tell me that I usually type the way I talk. Like for instance if you were to say “He is going to the store.” It sounds a bit robotic but if I typed “He’s going to the store.” You can see that it read’s a little more humain…like if that’s a word.

So that’s a little practice that I’ve been doing. Using shorter speech patterns for my comic dialogue, of course the longer speech patterns do tend to read better at times but then that just puts me back in my circle of reading words out loud then getting confused because words start to lose there meaning or they stop sounding like words after repeating them out loud so much.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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