Ch6 Page 13

Ch6 Page 13

Back with another update! I’ve been having some difficulties with getting the books set up on amazon, either the file size is too big or the dpi is too small after I try making the file size smaller, and then there’s the whole situation of the pages not reaching past some area that they’re supposed to reach past QAQ I just want to get the books on amazon, the ISBN number is already paid for and just sitting there TT.TT I’ll keep on trying but for now I want to post up today’s page before I get swamped with the kids school work. Oh! I forgot to tell you all that my twin boys started their home school on Wednesday. With everything that’s going on out there I never ever plan on sending them off to a public school, if I have the ability I will stay home and school them myself with the help of K-12 online ^^ Once they get older of course they can make their own decisions but for now, mommy’s going to watch out for them and do what she’s got to do~!

Now, about this page, these two little girls are sort of a representation of the things that I had to struggle with with I was younger, I would put so much gel on my hair just to slick it down to try to make it look straight and silky but it wouldn’t work the way I’d want and just get my hair all clomped up and sticky and then when I would try to use the flat iron my hair would burn and end up smelling like cake and still be puffy. I would even cut the puffy ends of my hair off, like big parts just to see if that would stop it from puffing and frizzing out.

Of course I’m not saying flat iron’s and gel are bad, like everything use things in moderation but it’s your hair you do what ever you want. I’m just speaking on the feelings and frustrations that I had as a little girl, things are a lot better now and I’m now loving my frizz and my curly afro but for this chapter I kind of wanted to encourage the other little girls that might have been going through what I went through. You precious little ones are not alone! Big sis knows! Please believe I know, the struggle is real!

I hope you all like today’s update, now I’m off to do school work, update the site, fight with amazon review process some more and pray that the book orders ship out soon because pre-orders are now closed and I will be shipping the books out once they arrive and it said they should arrive september 19th.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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