Ch6 Page 26

Ch6 Page 26

This page was a lot of fun to draw!! I really wanted to show how much fun Jae-hwa has with seeing Oriana’s reaction to things. My husband loves picking on me just to see my reactions and I also remember something back during my sophomore year of high school I had recently moved to a new town and new school and my first day in my art class I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone and it was already the middle of the second semester so everyone had already been settled in and such.

So I remember standing infront of the whole class all embarrassed and scanning the room to see if I could hurry and find an empty chair while the teacher was looking at his seating chart to find me one. That’s when I saw and empty chair in the back but two boys where sitting at the table, one of the guys looked normal enough but the other guy freaked me out at that time because he had this shaggy black hair, black sweater, chain on his pants and he had holes cut out of his sweater sleeve so that his thumb could go through it. ^^; You can thank all the scary upper classmen at my last school and all those scary movies for my bad impression on him from the get go…..and my own active imagination too ^^;

So when I looked at him he also looked up at me almost the same time and in my head I was immediately thinking “I don’t want to sit next to him.” Wouldn’t you know that right after I thought that the teacher called out to him to raise his hand and for me to go sit in the back right next to him. I was not happy at all and so nervous and worried that I remember walking staring at the ground not making eye contact and then sitting and staring at the table or picking at my hands ^^;

The funny thing is that he was the one that first reached out to me and spoke to me. I remember keeping my answers short and simple (I also had braces that time so I didn’t like smiling because my lip would get all stuck on the brackets and then I would look crazy…..) Even though I was so stand offish with him for some reason he kept talking to me and I remember one day when I came into the class, I think him and the other boy where talking about something and his chair had scooted too close to mine so I scooted my chair away a little to give some space and at first I wasn’t sure if he noticed me scooting away from him because he didn’t look at me but just scooted his chair a little back closer to me.

So I scooted my chair away a little more and then saw him do the same thing again. I remember looking up at him and watching him while scooting my chair away again and he smirked at me (the little bugger face!) and scooted his chair back closer! By then I was a little huffy and I was going to show him that I wanted space and that he was too close so I put both my hands on his chair and gave it a big shove….unfortunately my chair was the one that ended up scooting all the way out into the aisle way. The three of us sat there staring for a second and I was a little shocked that I couldn’t move his chair back so I scooted back close to him again to try to give his chair a push back away from me and when I pushed my chair was the one that scooted away again XD

(Here is an old gif that I did about 3 years back I think, It’s for my work in progress visual novel called School Memories)


By that time a lot of the kids that sat in the back of the room with us was watching my failed attempt at being assertive and moving this boys chair back and they all started laughing and I started fussing with him trying to show him I could do it, because of that it was a great ice breaker and I was able to see that he wasn’t so scary at all but a goofy kid that liked black and music and was really goofy like me^^; Ever since then he’s always made it his mission to pick or mess with me and I remember asking him one day why he teased me so much and he said because my reactions were so funny.

I actually plan on making this into a visual novel, I’ve already started working on it a few years back because it’s such a funny and fond memory of mine. It’s funny thinking back on that because I ended up getting a crush on the other boy that sat at the table with us that I wasn’t afraid of and the boy that I was first afraid of me and him were really good friends. We could jump on each others jokes really quick. The three of us would laugh so much and we would get in trouble with the art teacher a lot XD I remember one day where I was planning on writing a letter to the boy that I had a crush on and give it to him when I saw him walk the halls during lunch break but I ended up deciding against it because I saw him walking with another group of people and this other pretty girl was holding on to his arm ^^;

I’m not one to chase after a boy at all so I snubbed those feelings real quick when I saw that it was pointless and since he wasn’t showing much interested I decided it was best not to humiliate myself like I did so many times in the past at my old school and just have fun laughing with the three of them. The strange thing though, I remember one day when we were at our table I ended up complimenting his outfit, I really liked the color combinations and the boy in black said a little snide remark right after my compliment (F.Y.I. the boy in black had a girlfriend so no crazy comments people, these are just goofy high school memories) I remember looking at him like he was crazy and his face was all mupped up and he kept on drawing so I dismissed it.

Not to long after that something really strange started to happen and I wasn’t expecting it at all…..but that’s a story that I will save for the visual novel <3

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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