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June 20, 2014

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June 20, 2014

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  1. Hello^^
    I really love reading your story, and I’m very happy to find a book with a protagonist that looks like myself (I’m black 🙂
    Since I’m only seventeen, I probably cannot be a patron, but I’ll be more than happy to spread the word about this story on my blog, as well as other social media accounts to my followers.
    I’m a black ulzzang novice model and actress here in America, so my main message I try to express to everyone is that “Everyone is Kawaii,” in their own way, and Love Love Fighting is a perfect example of that message. If possible, I’d love to PR for you if that’s okay

  2. I love how the story is going!!!

  3. I really like where this is going. The natural hair journey is can be treacherous and very fulfilling at the same time! Seeing the subject of natural hair being addressed in a comic is awesome!

    I did the big chop back in 2011 and have enjoyed watching it grow into its own natural animal. The decision came from a mix of “hate of the aftermath of a perm” and “the harmful chemicals seeping in my brain!” The latter may look like an exaggeration but, it isn’t.

    My family ladies are firm believers in perm ‘magic’. They think I am lazy for not wanting one anymore. But they don’t know the struggle! Try to let them see what goes on and they think it is pointless. Even after I let them know of the studies behind the chemicals in the products I used before (which is pretty uniform across the board of products) there was no understanding. Hopefully one day they will see.

    I allowed my daughter to fall for the hype and get a ‘kiddy’ perm at the age of 8. She thankfully has not gone back.

    When people complement or degrade (which isn’t often) my hair and say things like “Natural just isn’t for me.” I have a predetermined response, “It grows OUT of your head, how more ‘for you’ can it be?” That usually gets them thinking or pissed. Either way, it doesn’t detour me from keeping my ‘fro on full display.

    Sorry this turned out to be such a long comment!

  4. Awwwww~ Krisa!

    I have to admit, I didn’t have many natural hair role models when I was younger. My close family members had all relaxed hair. I was the first to break the mold because I didn’t like relaxed hair. When i got to know my natural hair, I knew it was gonna be alot of work. I rarely flat iron my hair anymore but, like you, I do it occasionally to do something different.

    And the fact Krisa said Oriana was her role model is what I want to do for my kids and my little cousins who are Black: That what God gave you is beautiful. With a little patience and love, it’ll be happy and grow. Like the trees outside and the flowers. They grow with a little love and patience!


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