How do I get more views for my Webtoon Comic?

How do I get more views for my Webtoon Comic?

The way that I get more views to my webtoon is by utilizing Image SEO which is a fancy way to say I add relevant keywords to my images to be picked up by organic traffic from Google or Pinterest for others to see.

March 2020 Monthly Traffic

I like using introvert friendly methods to get more views to my comic artwork so learning about SEO has helped a lot and I recommend my fellow creatives to use it as a marketing tool too!

I’ve learned to share/post/publish my webtoon comic on other platforms because platforms build platforms since each and every site is already bringing in it’s own traffic for you to tap into.

You can utilize other social media algorithm within their platform to help get your webtoon panel page and links in front of more people.

It can be really easy to have your webtoon get buried within webtoon Canva’s discover section but the way to get Webtoon algorithm to notice you and start promoting your webtoon to other readers is by increasing the views and engagement of your webtoon.

Within webtoon’s platform you can increase your update schedule and  increase engagement within the comment section of your or others webtoon.  

For introverts like me that can be a little too much for our social battery to handle on top of that I can’t currently handle increasing my update schedule to more than 1 a month.

I get burned out quickly so right now these two options aren’t really the best fit for me.

So I learned a few other simple ways both you and I can promote and increase the visibility of our webtoon without having to almost “spam” others comment section or get hit with artist block and burn out:

  • -Promote on Pinterest:
    Pinterest is one of the larger Image Search Engines and from my researches it’s being marked as one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world! 
  • -Promote on Tiktok:
    Since TikTok demography is targeted at a younger audience this is like the perfect bedrock for us Webtoon Creators to use and market or Webtoon Comics because TikTok is already bringing in our target audience and all we need to do is post on there so they can see it.
  • -Share on Multiple Webtoon Platforms:
    There is a saying that platforms build platforms. A mistake that I’ve made in the past was thinking that it was enough to just post my webtoon on one webtoon platform but that meant I was leaving out a whole other audience that might not use that platform but they use a different platform. So don’t pigeon hole yourself like I did in the past and share your webtoon on more than one site! 

Why should you promote your webtoon on other platforms?

Webtoon Comic Promoting on Pinterest

It’s all about the organic traffic from Image SEO is such a great tool for webtoon creators to use for promoting their webtoon!

I don’t like being stuck in that cycle of trying to stay relevant by always creating content. Utilizing SEO and targeting that organic traffic is what I use to help me get off that wheel and let search engines SEO do the work pushing my content for me.

One of the reasons why I recommend Pinterest is from my own personal experience form the amount of growth I received with them and how simple it is for me to post images of my comic and then add my keywords and Pinterest Platform will take over from their. 

I have pins that are receiving over 8k impressions and on top of that your pins are able to be repined so they have longevity and reach which will also increase the impressions which in turn can help increase views to my webtoon as long as I have it linked within that pin.

Webtoon Comic on Tiktok

One of the ways you can promote your webtoon with TikTok videos is sharing Work in Progress or show Webtoon Panel samples of your webtoon with music playing on top.

You can also take those Tiktok videos and share them on Pinterest as well to also use along side the images you posted to get traffic to your webtoon comic pages as well~

Publishing on Multiple Webtoon Platforms

There’s a reason why we shouldn’t put all of our eggs in one basket.

It helps to spread things out wide and that also applies with spreading and publishing your webtoon on other sites to help get more views to your webtoon.

Different webtoon platform pulls their own individual audience so you’ll be missing out on this opportunity to get more views to your webtoon if you don’t post your webtoon on other platforms.

where to publish a webcomic

Want to Learn How to Start a Webtoon?

If you’re trying to start your own webtoon but you’re having trouble knowing where to begin then download the “How to Start a Webtoon” Ebook that’s perfect for beginners!

Learn what hardware webtoon artist use, what tools webtoon artist use to draw digitally and a full breakdown of the webtoon process plus more!

how to start a webtoon
How to Start a Webtoon

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
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