Can You Publish a Webtoon in Traditional Comic Format?

Can You Publish a Webtoon in Traditional Comic Format?

Yes you totally can! Just make sure the font is big enough to read and that the panels flow easily enough so it’s not hard to read on their scrolling platform.

Traditional comic on Tapas Webtoon Platform

With all of the amazing opportunities out their for webtoon creators or artist available on LINE Webtoon and Tapas platform it’s understandable how popular they have become within the comic creating community!

The problem that might arise and that I’ve seen others show concern about is they felt that they might need to be forced to change the whole format of their traditional comic to fit the vertical webtoon format.

Here is a list of other comic creators that have their traditional style comics on Webtoons Platform:

The fear or worry is that if they don’t change their comic to that format then they might not be allowed to upload or publish their comic on webtoon.

I want to help reassure you to know that’s not the case at all! As long as your file is no bigger than 800 x 1280 you can upload your comic page onto webtoon in the traditional horizontal format!

webtoon panel

So don’t worry about needing to force yourself to draw in a format that you might not personally like. Art is a type of personal expressions of our thoughts, feelings, and heart!

You might also be worried about how the audience might receive your comic in that format since on those platforms what’s commonly accepted is the vertical webtoon format but I’ve uploaded my comic pages in the traditional format on Tapas and people didn’t seem bothered by it at all!

Love! Love! Fighting! Traditional comic page on Tapas Webtoon Format Platform

We love to read stories and we also love to share stories so I hope this can help lift that worry off of your chest. If you have a comic that you love you are totally allowed to share it on LINE Webtoon and Tapas regardless of how the panels are ordered!

If anyone says other wise you just go ahead and tell them that I told you to upload your comic page like that and that they can take it up with me and I’m more than welcome to talk to them on your behalf so that you can focus on publishing and sharing that awesome comic of yours!

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how to start a webtoon
How to Start a Webtoon

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  1. Hello. This is very helpful. I was honestly worried cuz I draw traditionally. My only problem is I don’t know what paper size measurements to work with that’ll meet the webtoon requirement or how to achieve it. I was wondering if you could give advice on this please

  2. this puts my mind at ease on horizontal format in webtoons

  3. This was a super comforting post. You have a way of speaking/ typing that puts the reader at ease. I’m suddenly so calm Out of nowhere.

    • Thank you so much for saying that because I really needed that affirmation! I really appreciate that so much!!!

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