Mindset Prep for Making A Webtoon Comic

From my personal experience I feel that the most important part in making your own webtoon is making sure you have a story idea that you love first and foremost.

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Prioritizes your Happiness

I know this may seem like a basic or simple fact but in the past I struggled with wanting to start a comic but I was afraid that my idea wouldn’t be good enough that people would want to read it; this a lead me to asking what type of comic idea others would like to see.

Now this isn’t a bad thing because this is a type of market research but for me personally this created a big stumbling block. I ended up creating a comic from an idea that I didn’t love and was only doing it because someone else said it was something they would like to see.

The frustrating thing for me about this was when I still didn’t get the attention I had hoped to receive after I put in all the sweat, blood and tears into creating a comic, which to reiterate I didn’t like but did it because I thought others would like it.

don't make a webtoon without happiness

I know this is a grade school mistake where your mom tells you not to do stuff that you don’t like to do just to get people to notice you and yet here I was doing that exact same thing. Even now years later I still get tripped up by this because it’s just in me to want to connect with others through my art.

So that’s one of the important lessons I learned when I first started out with comic creation. Make sure you make a comic about a story idea you love because even if no one else will read it at least you’re creating something that you love instead of something that you hate, which no one is also reading as well. (kind of a cruel irony maybe?)

Have any of you struggled with the need to create a comic that others would like instead of just creating a comic that makes you happy? Or is that just me and my own personal issues?

What Programs I use to Make a Webtoon

I’ve tried out a few different comic programs and art apps over the years when I first started to my comic creating journey. Here’s just a list of a couple that I used and that you can try out and use to make a webtoon…I said a couple but I listed quite a lot….I swear I don’t have an art app hoarding problem!

  1. Clip Studio Paint: (Paid version)
  2. Medibang Paint: (Free & Paid Version)
  3. JUMP PAINT by MediBang: (Free Version)
  4. Paint Tool Sai: (Paid Version)
  5. Adobe Photoshop: (Paid version)

And here are a list of a few additional comic programs and art apps that I researched that can also be used to make a webtoon:

  1. Krita: (Free Version)
  2. ibis Paint X: (Free Version)
  3. Pixiv sketch: (Free Version)
  4. Procreate: (Paid Version)
  5. Gimp: (Free Version)
  6. Autodesk Sketchbook: (Free Version)
  7. Adobe Photoshop Sketch: (Free Version)

I would also suggest just about any art program or app that has a layer function can be used to make a webtoon. I’m kind of curious what program do you guys prefer to use when you make a webtoon?

If you’d like to upload your webcomic on webtoon then I wrote a blog post on LINE Webtoon page format.

Where I Upload My Webcomic

Now what good is a comic if you can’t share it with others so they can read it and you can wait for their comment about their reaction to the story? I’m not the only one that does this right?

make a webtoon where you focus in on your happiness

Even so if you’d just like a place to upload your webcomic then here are a few of the places that I like uploading my webtoon:

  1. LINE Webtoon: (So far one of the big powerhouses to upload your webtoon on. They’re free and have a very big community! Totally recommend you guys upload your work here.)
  2. Tapastic: (A great place to upload your webtoon on, it’s very similar to how webtoon works but just a tiny bit sleeker in my opinion. It’s probably because of the color black or how easy it is to see the files uploading)
  3. Tumblr: (I know I was surprised too but they are great for uploading long form webtoon since you can stack your images)
  4. DeviantArt: (As of 2020 they recently did a site revamp so I wouldn’t count them out just yet for uploading and sharing your comic on their platform. You can create a folder for each chapter and organize them that way! A helpful little tip that I myself use for my webcomic)
  5. Instagram: (Also a pleasant surprise because you can upload comic strip type comics since you can swipe right to view images! FUN!)
  6. Facebook: (I like to utilize their album option to once again group together up pages in chapters or episodes for easy access)
  7. Patreon: (A great place to upload and house your comic and potentially build your own community on!)
  8. Smackjeeves: (They also did a new site revamp so I’m excited too see what new things they do in the future.)

Here’s a quick rundown(Imma need that rundown..office reff🤣) how I published my own comics🥰 I blog about this on s-morishitastudio.com ##authorcheck

♬ Lose Control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

Don’t Forget!

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~ Sharean

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