How To Start A Comic: Webtoon Vertical Panel Style

Switching from traditional comic panel formatting to webtoon panel formatting is a struggle for me, I can’t articulate why but I think conforming to the new concept of vertical scrolling can be a bit of a challenge. I had so many questions like…
How wide should the panels be?
How long should they be?
Where should they be placed?


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Thankfully after searching online for tips and tricks I found a tool that has helped me a lot and might be able to help you too.

The Golden Rule of Thirds:

Now roughly the golden rule is like a mathematical formula used to help balance out composition.  This is what I use to help me figure out where to place my comic panels or webtoon panels, and is helpful for those of us who might not have the artistic eye to see the balance in pictures as readily as others may. 

This template is from Making and I absolutely love it!

Where can I find it and where to use it?:

This is the website where I found this helpful guideline (link here).  To use it I make sure the panel borders are at least touching one of the cross intersections.
Having this simple guideline helps me determine how tall or wide a panel can be, and to make sure the composition still looks balanced.

Tools are meant to be used!

I have to remind myself not to think of this using this guide as a handicap because I might feel I’m lacking, comparing myself to those who might not use it.  You shouldn’t compare yourself to others because YOU’RE NOT THEM, BE YOURSELF.  This is how YOU express YOURSELF and there’s nothing wrong with using the tools out there specifically created for the purpose to help you reach your goal.  Let’s keep moving forward together and create something from nothing.

Before you go!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
“Could something that began as a petty obligation turn into something genuine?”

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