Webtoon Artist Advice: Webtoon Size Restrictions

Webtoon Artist Advice: Webtoon Size Restrictions

In order to upload on webtoon platform your image files have to individually be 800px by 1280px and usually for my webtoon comic thats about 1-3 panels per file.

Webtoon Upload

When looking at webtoon on LINE when I first started out I noticed how it looked like one long vertical page where the panels are just stacked on top of each other.

webtoon format
Webtoon Long Format

This of course totally confused me because I thought that I had to upload my files in one super long format.

Of course lead to me getting an error message from LINE saying the file size was too long so I was totally baffled about how to publish a webtoon like other webtoon creators.

Webtoon Size format

The webtoon page file size is 800 x 1280 and no bigger than that. The problem is that drawing all of your 10-20 panels on a file size that is 800 x by 1280 is WAY to small and clustered!

So I wonder how do you upload your webtoon onto LINE and Tapas without the files looking crowded and blurry?

Thankfully there was an easy work around for me; Instead of trying to squeeze all of your panels on one file split them up by creating more files. 

Webtoon Page format

You can actually upload multiple files onto webtoon and tapas and their platform will stack it up seamlessly for you so there won’t be any need for concern of their being any unwanted gasp when you upload individual files.

What’s My webtoon Process

So my webtoon process usually starts with me creating a file that is double the size requirement so 1600 x 4800. The reason why is because I’m able to keep my files clean and crisp so when I resize it during exporting I don’t get those icky blurry lines.

You might be wondering how many panels do I have for my webtoon? All together I like to draw around 20 webtoon panels and that’s usually split up 2 panels per file. 

Now there are some webtoon creators that do work in one long file format but they also slice or crop their images into individual sections (think kind of like chopping down a long tree into tiny logs) and then they upload each individual file onto webtoon or tapas

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