Ch 4 09

When I was working on this page I actually had a certain yummy pasta salad in mind. It was soooooo wonderfully tasty! I’m not sure what kind of sauce they used but it had a semi-sweet and tangy kind of taste to it then there where cucumbers and some other vegetables and though I’m not a big cucumber eater *unless it’s a pickle* I went ahead and eat the cucumbers with the pasta and their were also tiny square shaped pieces of cheese. I think the bland yet subtle salty taste of the cheese worked perfectly with the light tangy and sweet taste of dressing and then on top of that the texture of the pasta and the cheese mixed together was just amazing <3 I really wish I could have that pasta salad again, thus I expressed my feelings through the face that Oriana is making. When your near starving any food will look good, even if you haven’t a clue what it might be, though Jae-hwa went ahead and brought her a few basic things since he wasn’t cute sure, did I also mention that I love kimbap? No? Well I love it, though I’m not the best at making it. I tired cutting up the vegetables and when I watched the tutorial on how to do it the process looked so simple but when it was my turn to cut that stupid carrot…=__= and then the cucumber and danmuji…….things just turned out horrible and misshaped and I was pretty certain that I was close to cutting myself with the knife getting stuck in the carrot…..I’ll probably just see if I can find a Korean restaurant where I’m at so I can at least try it without having to make it myself.

I might give it a try again next time but so far I really stink at cooking Korean foods…..I’m more of a baker anyways. I have trouble cooking American food….I should stay with my cookie and cake recipes instead because baking really is a lot easier to me….*I really wish there was a Korean restaurant near by, the food looks so tasty on tv, I really want to try it myself some day <3 I think all that I’ve had so far was the kimbap and I’m not sure if that’s exactly what it was because I ate it when I was really young and I remember thinking that it looked weird or nasty because of the seaweed wrapped around it but my sister assured me that it was good and I believe a girl in her class gave her some to try and she shared it with us, good memories ^^*

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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