Webtoon Artist Rambles || Drawing Tablet Differences

Webtoon Artist Rambles || Drawing Tablet Differences

The differences between art tablets are basically one has a display screen monitor to draw on and the other is more like a drawing mouse/pen pad!

Let’s have a sit down chit-chat or ramble session about the differences between tablets which is basically one has a display screen monitor to draw on and the other acts more like a drawing pad! 

As a webtoon comic artist I use 3 different type of tablets to create my webtoons:

  • Graphic Drawing Tablet
  • Display Drawing Tablet
  • Standalone Touch Screen Tablet

Now you don’t need all three tablets to start your own webtoon but since I have an art supplies hoarding addiction I have all three…..(yes I know this is bad but I swear I can stop any time I want!)

If you’d like to know what free art programs that I use along side these tablets then make sure you check out my post here!

Alright let’s jump right into answer the question about difference between drawing tablet and graphics tablet!

What is a Graphic Drawing Tablet

When you think of these tablets just think of it like a fancy mouse pad but instead of a mouse it’s a pen and instead of a mouse pad….it’s a pen pad….that only works if you have it connected to a computer.

Now you can’t use these things on their own. 

Graphic Tablets are specifically made to connect to a computer or laptop or whichever and from there you can just use it as an additional mouse pad….just in pen form.

Graphic tablets are the most inexpensive and I definitely recommend all beginner digital artist, comic artist, graphic artist, which ever to start out with this one!

If you’d like to know of some very budget friendly graphic tablets make sure you check out my post here!

They can come in various prices but if you’re just starting out then be kind to your bank account and start off with something budget friendly.

Or do whichever you like, I’m no one to talk since I have an art supplies hoarding addiction~

Moving on!~

What is a Display Drawing Tablet

Simply put these are like computer monitors that you can draw your webtoon or comic art on with a stylus pen.

These bad boys can cost a pretty penny and be a big investment so I would say this is more so used within the professional art industry…or used by those of us with art addiction.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

None the less these things are big but POWERFUL and you need to have a computer in order to tap into that power.

You try buying this display tablet without having a computer to plug it into and then try turning it on you might end up crying.

The special thing about this Display Tablet is that you can draw directly on the screen so it’s like you’re drawing on pen and paper but all virtually.

We’re just taking what we do traditionally and moving it all to virtual reality….can you say hashtag modernization! 

It also saves on art supplies!…cause I need all the help I can get….

What is a Touch Screen Tablet

Last but certainly not least is our Touch Screen Tablets! These are typically tablets with stand alone processing operation systems inside.

Meaning you don’t need a computer for these things to work. These babies work all on their own!

You smartphone is technically considered a touch screen tablet (well depending on which one you have but this is year 2020…as of right now….so I would believe most smartphones have touchscreen capabilities)

So with touch screen tablets these are a nice middle ground between a graphic tablet and a display tablet just without the need of a computer!

I also would recommend beginner digital comic artist to use the touch screen on their phone if they want to start getting into drawing webtoon comics digitally.

If you’d like a few recommendations of budget friendly drawing stylus that you can use for touch screen or your mobile smartphone then you can read it over here!

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to Make a Webcomic Guide

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