Which is Better Webtoon or Tapas?

Which is Better Webtoon or Tapas?

Tapas is a better webtoon platform if you’re looking to have a forum that allows you to connect with the community aswell as also grow and market easier to that audience.

On the other hand LINE Webtoon is a better platform if you are looking to have access to a higher pool of viewers due to their marketing efforts.

Now to help you better pick which is the better platform here is a list with different features that both sites may or may not offer that I feel should be taken into consideration for those looking to build their webcomic career.

FeaturesTapasLINE Webtoon Canva
Monetization optionsYesYes
Landing Page for Creator ProfileYesSort of small
Plug Social Media linksYesYes
Schedule Updates,YesYes
Comic Pitching ContactYesNo
Community ForumYesNo
Comment Deleting OptionsYesNo -Report button only
Tapas vs LINE Webtoon Features

LINE Webtoon and Tapas are very similar platforms but with Tapas they do offer the option for you to pitch a comic to them to try to become a premium author whereas Webtoon getting feature depends a lot on popularity and luck.

When it comes to the audience Tapas has a more friendly community type audience but I think that’s mostly due to the fact that they have a landing page creators profile where you can leave comments for the community to better connect with the creators.

With LINE Webtoon there isn’t a forum to help build that gap between readers and creators so the audience can be a little more cold and disconnected but I noticed that responding to comments in my updates has helped to foster a warmer environment and relationship with my audience on Webtoons platform.

If you’re just starting out with posting your webtoon online then I would recommend Tapas as a great beginner friendly app because of how eye-catching their webtoon upload format tips and UI design is.

Tapas Upload Backend

That isn’t to say Webtoon doesn’t have tips within their backend but a lot of people have been having trouble finding the webtoon upload format despite it being listed right on the screen.

LINE Webtoon Upload Backend

I post my webtoon on both platforms while also using them as a traffic funnel to my own self-hosted site where I also upload my webcomic.

I did write a blog post sharing a list of alternative websites where you can also post your webtoon comics on if you’d like to see that here.

where to publish a webcomic

Want to Learn How to Start a Webtoon?

If you’re trying to start your own webtoon but you’re having trouble knowing where to begin then download the “How to Start a Webtoon” Ebook that’s perfect for beginners!

Learn what hardware webtoon artist use, what tools webtoon artist use to draw digitally and a full breakdown of the webtoon process plus more!

how to start a webtoon
How to Start a Webtoon

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! AMBW Webtoon

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