What is the process of Making a Webtoon?

What is the process of Making a Webtoon?

The process of making a webtoon usually consist of writing out the script, drawing out script and then publishing the finished work~

I want to add a disclaimer to this before I share my webtoon creating process and that’s everyones process is different so I totally recommend you create your webtoon comic in the way that works best for you!

I also covered all of the tools that a beginner webtoon artist might need based off of what I collected and used when I first started drawing my comics digitally~

Now here’s a quick list of my whole process and then I will cover the tools that I use during each step further in the blog:

My Process for making a webtoon

  • Type out script
  • Add script to my Comic Program
  • Rough Draft Script
  • Ink in the rough draft
  • Export finished draft
  • Upload/Publish online.

I also share my whole video process of me creating a webtoon on my youtube page if you’d like to watch my webtoon speed draw instead of reading about it~

How I Make a Webtoon

Now lets get into a more detail break down of my whole webtoon creation process~

Webtoon Comic Scripting Process

  1. With either using my text edit on my computer or default notes app that comes with my phone I type out one episode in dialogue script format of my webtoon idea.
  2. I then will go into Clip Studio Paint EX and upload my dialogue into the story edit section of their program.

Webtoon Format Rough and Final Draft

  1. I open clip studio paint and create the files in the format for webtoon. My canva size is usually 3x bigger so 1600 x 4800. Webtoons format file upload requirement is 800 x 1280 but working in that size is way too small and the image will be blurry which is why I always work in a file size bigger and just export and shrink down the file to fit webtoons format. I talk more about webtoons format and how to avoid the dread blur over in this blog post if you’d like to read more on that.  
  2. Next I to rough draft each line of dialogue and use grids to figure out the placement of my panels and each word ballon.
  3. Then I start the inking and coloring process. I’m currently on this base color kick with my webtoon so I don’t do a lot of shading here and for the backgrounds I use the color balance to help give it that more of a anime look so that it blends better with the characters.

Here is a blog post where I cover more on how I make my backgrounds if you’d like to read more about my background process~

Webtoon Panel Slicing Process

  1. After the webtoon is all finalized I next export it. Since I don’t create my webtoon in one long file format but in batches my process of cropping my files is a little different and sometimes more time consuming.
  2. I will use either Clip Studio Paint’s Image and Canva Resize crop tool or I can just upload all of my files to croppy and have it automatically crop my webtoon panels for me.
Creating Webtoon Panels in Clip Studio Paint

Webtoon Publishing Platforms

  1. When everything is cropped and resized I then publish each cropped webtoon onto LINE webtoon and Tapas. Their platform seamlessly stacks each image on top of each other so you don’t have to worry about in weird blank gap between cropped panels when you publish your webtoon.
  2. I also upload and publish my webtoon on my own website as well so that I don’t have to worry about losing everything that I built if other free platforms that I upload on end up going away~

If you’d like to learn how to make your own webcomic website or how I host my own webtoon comic on my website then check out my blog post here~

Host my own Webtoon Webcomic Website

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

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